The story of TOB


My name's Tom Munro and after 20 years making wine I now import Bordeaux straight from the château to your door: Freight-Free, Australia-wide. To receive my newsletter, click here.

And because I'm buying direct from the vineyards I'm cutting out the middlemen and offering you wines at better prices:



But this wine importing business is built on 20+ years of making wine in France and Australia.

And I actually started making wine as an 8-year-old growing up in England, collecting grapes from people who had vines growing in glasshouses although I also had a couple of very hardy vines that I grew myself in a market garden near home in London.

That was back in 1985. Later, I graduated to selling my better wines on the boarding school black market as I progressed through an education dominated by my love of science.

When I left school I discovered that I had family connections to a winery in Bordeaux called Châteaufort de Roquetaillade where I began my professional winemaking apprenticeship in 1998.

Between 1998 and 2012 I made wine in many different vineyards in France and Australia and then started off The Other Bordeaux by importing the wines of Châteaufort de Roquetaillade.

I then began importing the wines of other progressive, family-owned artisan wineries that I came across in the course of my work in France.

To your health! Santé! Cheers!




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