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35 dollars: Vignobles Gueissard Bandol rose 2015

Vignobles Gueissard “Les Restanques” Bandol rosé 2015

NEW ERA WINE SCORES GRAND TOTAL: 82.5 points. This is why it’s worth paying more for rosé: Bandol has TASTE!

Price per bottle: $35

Region: Bandol, France.

Grape varieties: Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Grenache.

Closure: Screw cap.

Alcohol: 13%


Drinking window:


The breakdown:


1)Aromatic intensity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Real poke for a rosé!


2)   Aromatic complexity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Multiple facets.


3)Aromatic attractiveness, up to 20 points.


17 points. Very left-field lovely.


4)Palate intensity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Strong and long.


5)"Mouthscape" or "palate complexity", i.e. how much of an interesting experience in the mouth a wine delivers, up to 5 points.


4 points. Delicious sourness and extra bitter twist pushes this up half a point.


6)Drinkability, i.e. how much the wine's total taste characteristics leave you thirsting for more, up to 20 points.


18 points. Highly drinkable to the point of addictive.


7)The morning-after test, i.e. how this wine looks on the second day after opening and beyond, up to 5 points.


4 points, soldiers on with stars.


8)Cellarability, up to 10 points.


6 points. Could be interesting over the next 5 or 6 years.


9)Individuality or how distinct the personality of a particular wine is, up to 10 points.


8 points. SO different from your average rosé.


10)           Look, packaging, label, up to 5 points.


3 points. Fine.


11)           Environmental credentials, story, philosophy, history, brand weight, up to 10 points.


The Bandol name and reputation does almost all the heavy lifting here. One of the owners used to work at Tempier, which helps a tad. 6.5 points.


12)           SUBTOTAL: Add together the individual scores from points 1 to 11, above. Subtotal is scored out of 100 possible points.


78.5 points


1   Value-for-money, take SUBTOTAL and divide by price to give X, then multiply X by 2. 2X is the value for money score.


            4.5 points


2   The grand total NEWS value for a given wine is the product of SUBTOTAL + the value-for-money score.


82.5 points


Score guide.

Below 70: May have outstanding features but also some drawbacks and I couldn’t recommend it in confidence.

70-79 recommended

80-89 highly recommended

90+ points: Remarkable wine. Theoretically a score over 100 is possible once the value-for-money factor is taken into account. Something around 105 would be the upper limit of perfection.







Product Detail




13.0 %


750 mL


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