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PRE DEPARTURE OFFER Saint Emilion back vintage dozen

To order this selected dozen please put "3" in the quantity ordered box because 6 x $58 = $348 which is the correct price for this selected dozen.

Please also note that this is a pre-departure offer and the wine will arrive in Australia in January 2020 at which point the prices will all rise 20% above what you can them for here now.

This case consists of: 6 x Fruit d'Automne 2016, 4 x Les Piliers de Maison Blanche 2015, 1 x Maison Blanche Grand Vin 2010, and 1 x Maison Blanche Grand Vin 2007. All for $348. This is just a suggested mixed dozen and you are welcome to make your own. See below for the details. 

"LES PILIERS DE MAISON BLANCHE" - a cuvée made every year from young-vine fruit and crafted to offer a softer, younger-drinking style.

Les Piliers de Maison Blanche 2015. Already showing like mature claret, this is rich and smooth 50/50 Merlot and Cabernet Franc from an outstanding vintage and intended for drinking between now and the end of 2020 although it will happily keep for another decade after that. Post arrival price will be $34.80. Today's pre-departure price is $29*.

 "MAISON BLANCHE GRAND VIN" - Ultra-premium cuvée made to showcase the best of the entire vineyard's fruit in every harvest and built to benefit from up to 20 years of age.

 Maison Blanche "Grand Vin" 2010. Just incredible that we can access Maison Blanche from what is for many people the greatest Bordeaux vintage of the last 50 years. Yes 2010 was a big and powerful year for Maison Blanche but what sets it apart is the drenching of tannin that it was imbued with, fresh and crunchy, cooling in its effect on a vintage that might otherwise have been too rich. A wine of weapons-grade impact but steeped with now-maturing tannins, cruising magnificently into mid-life, confident and still powered-up for another 15+ years of cellar life. Hold or drink now, the choice is yours. Post-arrival price will be $70.8. Today's pre-departure price is $59*. 24 bottles available.

 Maison Blanche "Grand Vin" 2007. 2007 does not have a reputation equal with 2005 and 2010 but it is a  year that has benefitted massively from age. 07 lacked the feisty fruitiness of young, great vintages, and it had higher acidity and rougher tannins - when it was young. But those same characteristics that were a bit off-putting in youth are exactly what has allowed 07s to age brilliantly. Time has polished the tannins to mahogany smoothness and allowed the acidity to drop out and disappear, resulting in a Maison Blanche 2007 that is a simply outstanding example of aged claret, stunningly pretty with a fine and elegant build. And because it wasn't a vintage that got hysterical write-ups when it was new, its wines are also very under-valued. Drink now to 2025. Post-arrival price will be $58.8 per bottle. Today's pre-departure price is $49* and a complete bargain in my opinion. 24 bottles available.


Château de Bouillerot is a 40-minute drive south from Saint-Émilion and this is made to be a straight forward quaffer but damn it's good! If I tried this wine blind I'm pretty sure I would guess that it was from the southern Rhône in a cooler year because it's aromatically rich while the palate is very full but finely structured. I'd never guess that it was a Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend! I've always thought that the way a wine develops in the days after a bottle is opened, and drunk slowly over a few evenings, is a great indication of its intrinsic quality, and that's a rule-of-thumb that describes this wine very well. It also throws a healthy sediment and that also gives me an idea of a wine with real stuffing and matter that coats the mouth and creates the idea of texture. For an inexpensive wine this is very highly recommended: I've never seen better value for money. Drink now to 2025. Post-arrival price will be $24 per bottle. Today's pre-departure price is $20.

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Cabernet Franc,Merlot
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