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Tour Bouscasse 2011, Madiran

Wine name and vintage: Tour Bouscassé 2011

NEW ERA WINE SCORES GRAND TOTAL: 71.5 points. Definitely worth a punt. The strong suit of this wine is its mouth-filling warmth and tannins coupled with the mystique of Madiran, in south-west France. Hearty and full-bore. Goes well with a full boar.

Price per bottle: $27

Region: Madiran, France

Grape varieties: Tannat.

Closure: Screwcap, praise the Lord!

Alcohol: 14.5%


Drinking window: Now to 2025


The breakdown:


1)Aromatic intensity, up to 5 points.


3 points. Firm presence.


2)   Aromatic complexity, up to 5 points.


3 points. Shimmering subtlety.


3)Aromatic attractiveness, up to 20 points.


15 points. Purrs gently.


4)Palate intensity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Bigger than Broadway.


5)"Mouthscape" or "palate complexity", i.e. how much of an interesting experience in the mouth a wine delivers, up to 5 points.


3 points. Solid conservatism.


6)Drinkability, i.e. how much the wine's total taste characteristics leave you thirsting for more, up to 20 points.


15 points. A voluminous mouthful of savoury tannin and tang!


7)The morning-after test, i.e. how this wine looks on the second day after opening and beyond, up to 5 points.


3 points, provisional.


8)Cellarability, up to 10 points.


5 points. Mid term. A wine to drink rather than to keep.


9)Individuality or how distinct the personality of a particular wine is, up to 10 points.


6 points. It’s Tannat and it’s Madiran and there’s a decent serve of individuality in those two sectors.


10)           Look, packaging, label, up to 5 points.


            3 points. Smartly unoriginal.



11)           Environmental credentials, story, philosophy, history, brand weight, up to 10 points.


            It’s Madiran made by the King of Madiran, Alan Brumont. 6.5 points.


12)           SUBTOTAL: Add together the individual scores from points 1 to 11, above. Subtotal is scored out of 100 possible points.


            66.5 points.


1   Value-for-money, take SUBTOTAL and divide by price to give X, then multiply X by 2. 2X is the value for money score.


5 points


2   The grand total NEWS value for a given wine is the product of SUBTOTAL + the value-for-money score.


71.5 points


Score guide.

Below 70: May have outstanding features but also some drawbacks and I couldn’t recommend it in confidence.

70-79 recommended

80-89 highly recommended

90+ points: Remarkable wine. Theoretically a score over 100 is possible once the value-for-money factor is taken into account. Something around 105 would be the upper limit of perfection.







Product Detail




14.5 %


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