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Bodegas Atteca "Atteca" Old Vines 2012

Bodegas Ateca “Atteca Old Vines” 2012

NEW ERA WINE SCORES GRAND TOTAL: 87.5 points. Smoking wine, smoking value. Barrel aged, ancient vine Grenache up to 130-years-old. Extraordinary opulence and dominant personality. Not shy but a lot of pleasure here. Huge bang for buck.

Price per bottle: $35

Region: Calatayud, central northern Spain.

Grape varieties: Grenache.

Closure: Natural cork.

Alcohol: 15%


Drinking window: 2017 to 2025


The breakdown:


1)Aromatic intensity, up to 5 points.


5 points. Jumps out the glass.


2)   Aromatic complexity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Complex if dominated by the coffee, smoky oak, chocolate combo.


3)Aromatic attractiveness, up to 20 points.


18.5 points. Sexy as.


4)Palate intensity, up to 5 points.


4 points. Solid. Firm.


5)"Mouthscape" or "palate complexity", i.e. how much of an interesting experience in the mouth a wine delivers, up to 5 points.


3.5 points. Straight forward and very nice.


6)Drinkability, i.e. how much the wine's total taste characteristics leave you thirsting for more, up to 20 points.


18 points. Wickedly drinkable.


7)The morning-after test, i.e. how this wine looks on the second day after opening and beyond, up to 5 points.


4 points, provisional. Has gas in the tank.


8)Cellarability, up to 10 points.


7.5 points. Can picture this going ten years. Could build a very fine “gentleman’s club” kind of style.


9)Individuality or how distinct the personality of a particular wine is, up to 10 points.


7 points. Such ripeness and finesse is rare.


10)           Look, packaging, label, up to 5 points.


                        3.5 points. Dark and classy.


11)           Environmental credentials, story, philosophy, history, brand weight, up to 10 points.


            100+-year-old vines from Grenache heartland on very high land (over 1000m asl) is the kind of back label info that gets a wine nerd like me excited. And this wine delivers on the expectation. A well written back label too. 8 points.


12)           SUBTOTAL: Add together the individual scores from points 1 to 11, above. Subtotal is scored out of 100 possible points.


83 points.


1   Value-for-money, take SUBTOTAL and divide by price to give X, then multiply X by 2. 2X is the value for money score.




2   The grand total NEWS value for a given wine is the product of SUBTOTAL + the value-for-money score.


87.5 points.


Score guide.

Below 70: May have outstanding features but also some drawbacks and I couldn’t recommend it in confidence.

70-79 recommended

80-89 highly recommended

90+ points: Remarkable wine. Theoretically a score over 100 is possible once the value-for-money factor is taken into account. Something around 105 would be the upper limit of perfection.







Product Detail




15.0 %


750 mL


Grenache (Noir)
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