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Chave Selections Offerus Saint Joseph Shiraz 2015

Jean-Louis Chave Sélections Saint-Joseph "Offerus" 2015. 100% Shiraz. Jean-Louis ("JL") Chave is the most sought after name in the northern Rhône and his Hermitages are pushing $1000 per bottle and still sell out rapidly so he decided to open up a more affordable range of wines, buying in grapes from first rate sites in the surrounding areas like St-Joseph, and making the wines in his own cellars. Saint-Joseph reds are all made from pure Shiraz and can be excessively herbaceous in cool years but in stinking hot summers like 2015 they smash through the ripeness barrier and add to the pepper and spice lashings of fruit and full-bodied richness. Offerus is not just Saint-Joseph, it is Saint-Joseph interpreted by a legendary winemaker in a powerful vintage. Good Saint-Joseph thrives in hotter "global warming vintages". $69.95.

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